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The stories behind the sets

Launched February 2015, the initial sets are:
41071 Aria's Creative Workshop
41072 Naida's Spa Secret
41073 Naida's Adventure Ship
41074 Azari and the Magic Bakery
41075 The Elves' Treetop Hideaway
41076 Farran and the Crystal Hollow

Aira's Creative Workshop (41071)
Build a flying machine with Aira Windwhistler, the Wind Elf, in her Creative Workshop! Add the finishing touches so that with her magical powers she can harness the wind and fly anywhere in a flash. But wait – her pet bird, Pluma, swoops in with an urgent message from the Earth Elf. Aira’s elf friends need to find 4 magic keys to help send Emily Jones back home to the human world, and they need her help right away! Fit the flying machine to Aira’s back, then help her catch the next gust of wind and soar through the sky. Later, join Aira at her desk and use the quill to design her next extraordinary invention.
  •     Includes Aira Windwhistler mini-doll figure and Pluma the bird
  •     Features a flying machine, work desk with opening drawer and a bird stand with food compartment
  •     Accessories include a quill, ink, ruler, scissors, cookie, letter, map and wind power icon
  •     Design incredible inventions with Aira to make the most of her magical wind powers
  •     Give Aira’s pet bird a cookie to thank her for carrying her letters to her friend the Earth Elf at 41075 The Elves’ Treetop Hideaway
  •     Launch Aira’s flying machine as she rushes to help Emily Jones and the rest of the LEGO® Elves

Naida's Spa Secret (41072)
Search for the magical map with Naida Riverheart, the Water Elf, at her dreamy day spa. The map will guide the Elves to the 4 special keys they need to help their friend Emily Jones return to the human world. But only the wise dolphin Delphia knows where the map is hidden – when will she reveal the secret of the spa? Naida has magical water powers and feels most at home when immersed in her luxurious spa bath playing with Delphia. Find Naida’s golden diary, and sit her on the day bed as she writes down all her thoughts and feelings. Create new recipes for beauty lotions and help her mix them in the crystal jars, then take a shower behind the beautiful waterfall.
  •     Includes Naida Riverheart mini-doll figure and Delphia the dolphin
  •     Features a spa bath, waterfall with shower space, day bed with secret compartment for diary, and a branch function to reveal the magical map
  •     Accessories include an opening diary, letter, perfume bottle, beauty lotions, hairbrush, hair decorations, drink, board game, basket, magical map and water power icon
  •     Play with Naida and Delphia in the spa bath
  •     Take a shower behind the beautiful waterfall
  •     Help Delphia jump to the highest branch and reveal the magical map that the LEGO® Elves are looking for!

Naida's Epic Adventure Ship (41073)
Set sail with Naida Riverheart and Aira Windwhistler on the Epic Adventure Ship! Help them find the magic water key they need to send Emily Jones home to the human world. Use the telescope to look below the crystal waters for the giant oyster shell where the key lays hidden, then help the Elves combine their magical water and wind powers to reach the bottom of the ocean and open the clam. Will they find what they are looking for? Then steer safely home with the ship’s wheel to make the sail turn, and if the wind calms down help Naida and Aira dip their feet in the water from the amazing clam shell seats. Make a delicious meal in the galley and sit them down on the cushions to enjoy it.
  •     Includes 2 mini-doll figures: Naida Riverheart and Aira Windwhistler
  •     Features Naida’s Epic Adventure Ship and a giant oyster shell
  •     Naida’s Epic Adventure Ship features a turning sail, galley kitchen, sun deck, clamshell water chairs,   chill-out area and a diving board
  •     Accessories include a map, telescope, cooking pot and jar, magic key, and water and wind power icons
  •     Use the ship’s steering wheel to turn the sail
  •     Lie the Elves on the sun deck or help them jump from the diving board
  •     Help Naida and Aira combine their extraordinary water and wind powers to reach the oyster shell and find the first magic key

Azari and the Magical Bakery (41074)
Join Azari Firedancer, the Fire Elf, on her adventure through the forest to find the fire key at a very special bakery! Order some delicious baked goods for Azari and Flamy the fox while they figure out where the key is. Help the boy at the bakery roll out the dough to make bread and place it in the magical oven. As the bread passes through the oven it is baked by the lavafall! Azari works out that the key must be hidden beneath the lavafall – help her muster her magic fire powers to part the flow of lava so that Flamy can jump up and fetch the key. Now the Elves are a step closer to getting their friend Emily Jones home to the human world.  Includes 2 mini-doll figures: Azari Firedancer and Johnny Baker, plus Flamy the fox
  •     Features a lavafall with sliding oven and magical key reveal function, opening door, counter, table and stools, and a storage shelf
  •     Accessories include a map, bag, baker’s hat, cookies, pie, bread, dough, bowl, rolling pin, cupcakes, croissant, milk bottle, jam jar, flour, magic key and a fire power icon
  •     Create delicious baked goods in the magical oven
  •     Roll out the dough with the moving rolling pin
  •     Use Azari’s magical fire powers to collect the fire key

The Elves' Treetop Hideaway (41075)
Enter the magical world of the LEGO® Elves with Emily Jones. When wandering in her grandmother’s garden she suddenly finds herself t ransported through a magic portal to a Treetop Hideaway in a whole new universe. Explore the surroundings with Emily as she realizes that she’s no longer in the human world and meets Azari Firedancer and Farran Leafshade, the Fire and Earth Elves. Make Farran climb down the magic ladder and show her around his extraordinary home. Cook carrot soup over the fire for them to eat while Emily explains that she needs to get back home, and the Elves promise to help her. Send some food up to the treehouse in the magic bucket lift for Farran’s panther cub Enki before they all meet up with the Water and Wind Elves – Emily will need their help too!
  •     Includes 3 mini-doll figures: Emily Jones, Azari Firedancer and Farran Leafshade, plus Enki the panther cub
  •     Features a magic portal, parting leaf curtains, magic ladder bridge, bucket lift, sofa bed, table and stools, and a secret compartment
  •     Accessories include 2 juices, carrot, 2 apples, bag, letter, magic potion and fire and earth power icons
  •     Help Emily Jones discover and learn about the magical universe of the LEGO® Elves
  •     Open the leaf curtains to let light into the Treetop Hideaway
  •     Find a letter from the Wind Elf in Farran’s secret compartment
  •     Set off with Emily and her new elf friends on their quest to help send her home

Farran and the Crystal Hollow (41076)
Follow the map with Farran Leafshade, the Earth Elf, to a secret hollow in the forest. He knows that in this magical place he will find the earth key, which will help his new friend Emily Jones get back home to the human world. But one very protective squirrel, Miss Spry, stands in his way and is firing golden acorns at him with a catapult! Help him take cover and try to show Miss Spry that he is friendly by helping collect up the acorns to store them for later. Now Farran can use his magical earth powers to explode the crystals obstructing the entrance to the cavern and collect the earth key.
  •     Includes Farran Leafshade mini-doll figure plus Miss Spry the squirrel
  •     Features a crystal hollow with waterfall and exploding crystal function, and a tree with a catapult and acorn store
  •     Accessories include a map, bag, magic key and an earth power icon
  •     Pick golden acorns from the tree and shoot them with the catapult
  •     Help Farran use his magical earth powers to explode the crystals
  •     Find the earth key inside the hollow

Aira's Pegasus Sleigh (41077) -- She builds it from parts of a windmill, after using her air powers to talk to Pegasi into flying it.

Skyra's Magical Sky Castle (41078) -- Skyra is the Guardian of the Portal and lives in the Sky Castle.  She has a Pegasus (Goldenmane) and an Owl.
There are functions on the castle set that includes a turning mechanism that opens the portal.

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